About Us


Where did the name come from?

Garbox is a nickname that I acquired way back in middle school. I had a good friend who lived across the street from me who had a little brother. Well, this little brother of this would always give people names that he thought where really their name. One day my good friend and I were outside playing to basketball and the little brother comes up to me and says...  

"You know what! After months of trying to figure it out... I finally got it... your last name is Garbox!" 

of course, he was wrong but little did I know that would be the name that stuck with me for lifetime (not complaining!)


About Me

My real name is Kyle Metivier AKA Garbox. I am a software engineer and woodworker. I have been working with my hands as far as a could remember. From building my dad a little shelf for my dad from what I thought was scrap wood, to building decks, remodeling, and other various projects. I would learn little tricks and tips throughout the way. Even argue with my dad when I was though only to be stubborn and not admit his way was better haha.  


About Garbox Creations

At Garbox Creations we build custom furniture and small wood crafts In the greater San Antonio area. We build each and every item/project with the highest quality wood even if its made from simple pine. We use age old joinery techniques that have proven themselves to the test of time. We also like to inform our customers of the entire process from lumber milling to the finishing touches so they are apart of the journey as much as we are. We strive to meet three major categories, Quality, Customer Service, and Durability.  We believe these three things are what makes custom furniture/small crafts last a lifetime. 

If you have a project in mind or want to drop by and say hi, contact me below! 

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